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1975 Robert Ruck/Cedar fan braced

Top: Cedar/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 664mm
Origin: USA

Yeah she has some playing wear, yeah she has a short crack on the back, yeah she is a 644mm scale. SO WHAT! Close your eyes, play a few notes of your favorite piece and revel as the notes soar and swirl around you, so open they seem to float around the guitar, so many colors you can’t decide which amazing way you want to express yourself. This is a heckuva Ruck. When it first arrived I thought “well it is a long scale, not the prettiest Ruck, and a small crack I dunno’. After 5 minutes of noodling around on her though I was transfixed. This is the real deal. Playing this you immediately understand what must have captivated Manuel Barrueco when he played his first Ruck in the 70’s, which he still has today. Same era for this beauty. Its an instant love affair. Nuff said?

1975 Robert Ruck/Cedar fan braced for sale