1985 Arcangel Fernandez “Blanca”

Top: Spruce • Back & Sides: Spanish Cypress
Scale: 655mm • Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This Arcangel is simply divine and found a new home already, however I will be in Spain soon scouting good Arcangel guitars, so if you are looking for one, please give me a call…

I have known this beautiful guitar for many years, and through two owners, both friends and clients of mine. It was originally built for a good friend of mine who is a professional Flamenco guitarist. It was his main guitar for years and originally was built with pegs. Since then the current owner installed a very nice set of Rodgers tuners on this guitar. It is in remarkably good original condition, with no cracks and no repairs that I am able to detect. It is a very clean and beautiful Arcangel with a gorgeous rosette and very few marks on the guitar.

The sound is Arcangel all the way, in other words beautiful and sweet yet still very flamenco, well balanced, and with that ‘lyrical’ quality that only Arcangel seems to imbue in his Flamenco guitars. The action is flawless, comfortable, and fast.

I am really looking forward to finding the perfect home for this special Arcangel, if you have been searching for a very fine Arcangel please give me a call, guitars like these are not often for sale.

1985 Arcangel Fernandez "Blanca"