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2007 Kevin Aram Spruce/fan braced

Top: Spruce/fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England

Kevin Aram has an enviable reputation along with builders like Philip Woodfield, that ranks him among the most highly regarded luthiers in England who have blossomed along side the world famous legacy of Liam and Jose Romanillos. This example presents ‘as new’ and only the closest scrutiny could hope to discover a few tiny unobjectionable faint markings that would indicate it has ever been outside of Aram’s shop.

Not unlike Romanillos, you sense the builders love of Torres in this instrument, very traditional in that regard, and very beautiful homage to that era and sound. Nicely balanced voice, with lovely basses and trebles, silky smooth Rodgers tuners.

Lovely fully oil finished with a beautiful organic looking satin sheen, it looks like a fine art piece of sculpted oiled wood. I found myself staring at its beauty as much as I found myself playing it.

A lovely traditional style guitar evocative of the old masters.

2007 Kevin Aram Spruce/fan braced