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2010 Michael O’Leary Cedar/Lattice

Top: Cedar/Lattice
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Graf
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Ireland

I have had the good fortune to work with Michael since the ‘early days’ and he and his son Alec have visited me here in Santa Barbara, and I in turn have visited them at their shop in Ireland. Fine folks from a fine country (OK I am part Irish can you tell?). In fact I have a brand new custom O’Leary arriving later this year that was special ordered by one of my discriminating clients. Always a treat to play one when they pass through the shop, and ‘pass through’ they do, usually their stay is very brief before they get snapped up.

This instrument was built using premium woods, look at that back right? Stunning. The guitar has no cracks or repairs and with the exception some minor playing wear above and below the sound hole (very light), a small area on the top/lower bout where there is some minor dulling of the polish, it otherwise presents as new.
The guitar has a 20th half fret, lovely Graf tuners with kidney bean buttons, and comes with a Karura carbon fiber flight case.

Michael feels the character of the voice comes largely from the upper bout, while volume is generated primarily by the lower bout, and so he focuses his lattice efforts to produce volume while crafting the upper bout to enhance tonal character. This guitar is a fine example of his instruments, with volume and voicing, and very well balanced.

2010 Michael O’Leary Cedar/Lattice