2011 Daniel Friederich Cedar/fan braced

Top: Cedar/Fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Rodgers
Origin: France

The legendary Daniel Friederich needs no introduction. His guitars top the list of ‘most desired guitar’ for just about every Classical Guitar player on the planet. Now retired of course he was 79/80 when he made this gem. Often spending over 200 hours to build a single instrument, they remain among the most desired guitars on Earth.
This is singularly the most elegant, pristine, and gorgeous Friederich I have ever had in the shop. In like new condition save for one minor string mark below the tie block, when you open the case it looks as if it was in the Friederich shop yesterday and is being gazed upon for the first time. The trademark headstock with is lovely relief carving, the Rodgers tuners, the elegant lines the exquisite color of the woods lets you know immediately that you are in the presence of an extraordinary instrument.
The tonal colors, accuracy, balance and presence of this instrument is beyond description, I have literally been unable to put it down since it arrived, and half the time I just sit and stare at it like a lovesick boy. Wow.
There is not a Friederich lover on the planet that would not think, just for a moment, about selling their car and riding a bike if it meant they could own this guitar. Just stunning.
2011 Daniel Friederich Cedar/fan braced