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2014 Fleta Cedar/Fan braced

Top: Cedar fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Spain

Opening up the case when this guitar arrived was like taking a time machine back to 2014. At that time this guitar was delivered directly from the Fleta shop brand new and beautiful, and went straight to my waiting client who has owned it ever since.

Turned out life got in the way of guitar playing and the guitar sat in its case essentially unplayed all these years until he finally decided, reluctantly, that the reality was he just was not finding time to play as he hoped. So he asked me to find a new home for his ‘baby’.

When I opened the case it might as well have been 2014 again because she looks exactly the same, as she did the day she left the shop, not a ding or a dulling or a scratch or a mark on her, if someone said it was brand new, you would be hard pressed to argue.

There is a very very slight amount of fret edge you can feel if you run your fingers over the side of the fret board , otherwise there is no indication that the guitar was not completed yesterday. Super beautiful.

She already has that recognizable Fleta voice, and seems eager to be played in as she has not really been played at all, a great chance to play in a ’new’ Fleta exactly to your liking.

Looking for a caring home for this one…..

2014 Fleta Cedar/Fan braced