2021 Michel Brück Spruce/double (composite) top

Top: Spruce/double (composite top)
Back and Sides: Brazilian Rosewood with cites doc.
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Custom order Rodgers
Case: Karura
Origin: Germany
Price: Please Inquire

Anybody who understands the finest double tops knows two things. 1) Michel Brück is one of the best double top builders in the world and 2) Michel is one of the double top builders that can master the more difficult challenges of a Spruce double top with authority and ease.

So here we have a Spruce double top by Michel that exemplifies why his double tops are in such high demand the world over and why top players like Tatyana Ryzhkova play and record with Michel’s instruments. In fact here is a lovely video of Tatyana playing a Spruce Brück double top such as this one and which demonstrates the beautiful sound of this guitar well.

For this instrument Michel went ‘all in’. Fine Brazilian Rosewood ( cites certificate included ), extraordinary custom Rodgers tuners, a fine Karura case, a superb Spruce soundboard, elevated fret board, 12 hole tie block.

Their are a few marks on the top but nothing that jumps out severely, and some light nail marks along the back of the neck, otherwise in near new condition.

A nice chance to skip the 10 year wait!!

2021 Michel Brück Spruce/double (composite) top