NEW Cary Pedicini Cedar/Double Top

Top: Cedar double/composite top
Back and sides: Indian Rosewood
Tuners: Rubner “superior” roller bearing
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia
Price $8,500

The last Cary Pedicini double top I had sold quickly and I asked Cary to please build me another when he was able. I was very pleased when Cary visited me here in Santa Barbara and brought with him this excellent double top. We were able to chat about guitars and had a fun conversation about tuning the top and the various nodes and how they affect the tone of the instrument. In fact Cary has not only a luthiers artistic instinct for building but also couples that with a very scientific approach as well. The equipment and techniques he uses to tune his tops is stellar and in fact he shared a photo of the top of this guitar being checked for vibration nodes which I posted on this page, and you can see he uses rice grains, or flax seeds and allows the vibrating top to display how the node is developing so he can sculpt it to the ideal form. Guitar geek out stuff but also very fun.

This instrument is a great double top with balance, and power and great dynamic range coupled to a beautiful expressive voice, the workmanship is also top level, and I love the feel and look of the arm rest he added. The guitar is very balanced and Cary has tuned the top perfectly so the character of the voice and resonance and sustain are all maximized. In addition the guitar has an elevated fret board, and a fine set of Rubner “superior” roller bearing tuners.

Cary’s wait list is getting longer as players in Australia, the US and now other countries are beginning to discover his guitars.

I suppose I see more double tops than anybody in the world, and due to the level of double tops I am able to hear my ear is very spoiled, so believe me when I say Cary is building fine double tops. I am very happy to have this instrument in the shop.

1967 Jose Ramirez 1a  Cedar/fan braced