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NEW Casimiro Lozano/Patented Modified Fan Braced System

Top: Cedar/Modified patented fan braced system
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
A NEW Lozano is arriving soon please contact me for details

I have been placing Casimiro’s guitars in the hands of serious players for many years now, and while he is probably still better known in Europe where several artists of note play his instruments, he has developed a strong fan base here in the USA that is ever growing, as well.

Working in his spacious shop in Cuenca, Spain he is a dedicated and determined builder known for his expressive yet powerful guitars.

While Casimiro builds fine double tops, I have had many in the shop, perhaps his most popular guitars here in the states are his elegant patented ‘modified fan braced’ guitars. The patented bracing system creates a dynamic and beautiful voice that I often describe as what you might expect if you were able to somehow blend a fine double top, with a fine solid top Spanish guitar. In other words, lyrical, clear, expressive notes with an emotional Spanish character blended with some of the volume, response and dynamic range we expect in a double top. A lovely blend of quality and character. This guitar exemplifies those qualities.

Many times I have had a Lozano nestled among several other more expensive guitars when people are trying guitars out in the shop, and they always marvel when I tell them the price because it fits in so comfortably with its more expensive brethren. Nice compliment and a lovely guitar.

NEW Casimiro Lozano/Patented Modified Fan Braced System