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NEW Jakob Lebisch Cedar Composite/double top

Top: Cedar composite/double top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Germany

Jakob has gone from the ‘rising star’ of a few years ago when we first began working together, to one of the handful of “go to” luthiers in Germany known for the very finest double tops. When I first met Jakob years ago he was a budding guitar builder and student at the conservatory in Frankfurt. Fast forward to today, and we’ve witnessed the rise of one of the most naturally talented guitar builders of recent years. Not surprisingly his wait list now reaches out nearly a decade. No surprise that I was very eager to see his latest guitar and it just arrived!

Jakob used some very fine old Rosewood for the back and sides, solid and so dark you can barely see the grain, beautiful. For the top he selected super light cedar. For this guitar he utilized his newest and favorite construction style, and without giving away any secrets, let’s just say it is a blend of materials including wood and a non nomex material that comprises the very specially constructed core. He added to this an elegant ‘floating’ 20th half fret and some Klaus Scheller tuners to complete the edgy yet beautiful modern look of his guitars.

The result is hands down the finest Lebisch he has sent to date, no doubt due to this new core design, like nothing of his I have ever heard. Full rich powerful trebles and deep luxurious basses, super easy to play, lovely gorgeous voice supplemented by expansive volume and his usual wide dynamic range, a captivating double top and a new benchmark has been set by this guitar.




2009 Michel Brück/Cedar/Double Top