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New Jim Redgate “Ana Vidovic Model”

Top: Cedar/Lattice Braced (Special upgraded)
Back and sides: Rosewood (Special upgraded)
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Upgraded Scheller
Origin: Australia

This is exactly the version of Jim’s guitar as Ana plays, Cedar Lattice braced, elevated fingerboard, arm rest, 650mm scale, if you have seen or heard Ana, you know exactly what this guitar is capable of. Sadly, we are not all as talented as Ana, but this guitar is so inspiring that it pulls you to strive to play like her no matter what your current level.

After playing so many of the best guitars in the world for so many years, I have a game I play when I get a new guitar. I allow my self to lightly play a single note on the low E. Then I make a mental evaluation of what I believe the guitar level will be. Then I tune up the rest of the strings and play my ’test piece’, the same piece I play on all the guitars for uniformity. Then I check my initial impression with the actual test. Over the years I have found my ‘one note’ test to nearly always predict with a fair degree of certainty how good the guitar is going to be.

In this case I sat down, distracted, thinking of other things and almost without intending to, my thumb struck a single note on the low E. I immediately jerked out of my mind, and my attention was instantly commanded, and I literally sat there and said ‘What the !%@$!!”. Yeah. Its that good.

I particularly love about this guitar the blend of tonal character, it is decidedly modern, yet the subtle reminders of traditional guitars are still there, the best of both worlds. Combine this with Jim’s legendary volume/projection/sustain and dynamic range, and well, you can imagine what it is like to play this. In addition this guitar used Jim’s ’Specially Selected Wood’ option where he uses the very finest quality woods that he collects and sets aside just for this upgrade feature, spectacular back and sides and superb master grade cedar top, as well as upgraded Scheller tuners!

As stunning to look at as she is to hear and play, another masterpiece from Jim…

New Jim Redgate “Ana Vidovic Model”