NEW Jim Redgate ‘Ana Vidovic’ model, cedar lattice braced

Top: Cedar/lattice braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia
Sold but please contact me for custom order deposit details

With Jim’s years long wait list is is very RARE that I have a new Ana Vidovic model available but here she is, just a fluke of good luck. She won’t last long as demand for these guitars is off the charts, driven by the superb artistry of Ana Vidovic combined with her Redgate.

What does it sound like? Listen to virtually anything Ana has played for years, that is all on her own Redgate, of course, few of us sound like Ana, but the potential is there in this guitar, and it beckons you to push yourself to be better, and as you improve, it gives you more and more from a seemingly endless well of ‘potential’ that you have to draw upon.

Lovely voice, as you have heard many times on Ana’s recordings and concerts, comfortable arm rest like Ana has, action plays like ‘butter’, powerful volume and projection and again as you have heard with Ana many times, the dynamic range is barely believable. The elevated fingerboard and twelve hole tie block round out the features of this remarkable and articulate lattice braced concert level guitar.

Entertain yourself, or hop on stage, this guitar is equally at home in both worlds.

NEW Jim Redgate ‘Ana Vidovic’ model, cedar lattice braced