David Merrin – England

Magnificent Romanillos inspired guitars, recommended by Jose and Liam Romanillos!

One of only two luthiers in the world formally recognized and endorsed by Jose and Liam Romanillos, exquisite attention to detail, the highest quality of workmanship, with an angelic voice that is very reminiscent of a fine Romanillos and yet uniquely a “David Merrin” at the same time…

The Jose and Liam Romanillos ‘ Selected luthier’ selection 2008 – David Merrin- England

I was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1965. For as long as I can remember I was captivated by the sound of the Spanish guitar as my father who is a keen musician (and an excellent carpenter) introduced me to recordings of Segovia, Yepes, Bream and Williams. Inspired by what I heard, I then forged a relationship with the Spanish guitar which is as strong today as it was back then. After teaching myself to play the classical guitar for several years I went on to earn a place at the Trinity College of Music, London where I studied the guitar for 4 years. On leaving college I pursued a career in performing, recording and teaching. The construction of the classical guitar had always been of great interest to me and the skills and knowledge of carpentry that my father had taught me when I was a boy soon led me to construct my first guitar. Since then I have been privileged to attend the guitar making course in Siguenza, Spain, with Liam and Jose Romanillos. I also care for one of the largest collections of classical guitars in the UK, servicing and restoring fine instruments from makers such as Panormo,Arias, Fleta, Hernandez y Aguado, Friederich, Bouchet, Hauser and Romanillos to name but a few. This close association with the collection has inspired me to develop my own unique and individual style of guitar based on the traditional techniques of the great luthiers. I select only the finest materials for my guitars and the wood I use is very well seasoned, great care is taken in ensuring that the wood is carefully quarter sawn with the length of the grain parallel to the surface. Traditional methods and timbers are used for the construction and each guitar has its own hand-made, individual decoration. I aim for a well-balanced, clear, tone with a depth of sound and the lyrical quality that we associate with the Spanish guitar. Also, as a player myself, I understand the importance of having a guitar that is responsive and is comfortable to play. – David Merrin

“David Merrin is one of the best young guitar makers I know. His guitars have rich warm basses and singing trebles with sustain and clarity. They have a wide tonal palate and David’s craftsmanship is simply wonderful. High quality concert guitars!” (Graham Anthony Devine) “David Merrin is one of the UK’s most exciting guitar makers. His guitars are powerful, even in response and yet retain the sweetness of tone that we associate with the Spanish guitar. I’m lucky I’ve already got one of David’s guitars, which I not only play, but am proud to display in my guitar museum. As a collector it makes a welcome change to be in at the beginning of a great career!” (Alun Morgan, Granary-Guitars) “David Merrin is one of the most exciting talents in the world of up-and-coming guitar makers today! As a fine player himself, he is able to view and approach the challenges of guitar making from the inside. He is coming up with some thrilling results. I urge everyone to take a look at his work.” (Gilbert Biberian, September 2002)