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1967 Archangel Fernandez ex. Fred Noad

Top: Spruce fan braced
Back and Sides: Cypress
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

The photo here is when I visited Archangel at his shop in Madrid to select the top for my own Negra that he built for me. Later when I decided to retire I was honored that he asked me to sell his remaining Barbero for him, and also that he agreed to make me his ‘last’ Blanca and Negra before retiring. I am sure he is enjoying his retirement in the sun these days, I sure hope so. What a gift to the Flamenco world.

This too is a very special Archangel, owned for many years by Flamenco luminary Fred Noad, and it was acquired directly from his widow Marilyn. The guitar is in remarkable condition, and hails from arguably Archangel’s most sought after era, the 60’s. The guitar has snappy basses with just the right amount of Flamenco buzz ( you could easily shim up the action if you prefer a clearer sound of course) and clear strident trebles. Known for their ability to punch out a Buleria as easily as they could sing a lovely Solea, Archangel’s have been prized over their years for being Flamenco and lyrical somehow all at once.

The instrument comes with a letter of authenticity confirming it was Fred Noads guitar.

1967 Archangel Fernandez ex. Fred Noad