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NEW Paco Santiago Marin
“30th Anniversary Model”
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: $10,950

This beautiful sounding Paco Santiago Marin has found a new home, if you are looking for a fine spruce guitar please contact me...

This is a PARTICULARLY nice PSM!! I have had the pleasure of having several in the shop, and visiting Paco in his shop in Granada, and while they are always wonderful concert instruments, this one stands out even among the best of Paco's work. An absolutely riveting spruce guitar. In addition I reduced the price from the usual $12,950 to $10,950 because of a few minor cosmetic marks from clients that are visible on the guitar, very minor and a great price for a brand new Paco Santiago Marin.

This is Paco’s "30th Anniversary Model” which is his best model, and he reserves his best efforts, design, and woods for these guitars. They have a volume and projection that rivals that of lattice and double tops, and yet retain their characteristic Spanish nature in the voice. A powerful combination.

Paco (Fransisco) Santiago Marin worked in the shop of his uncle (Antonio Marin Montero) for ten years before opening his own shop in the early '70's, since then his reputation has expanded to international proportions and his guitars are highly prized worldwide. They sound like a fine Antonio Marin Montero, only with more focus and power, and so they have become highly popular with concert players.

This exquisite example of his top of the line '30th Anniversary Model' is built in the Bouchet style, and using his finest and oldest woods. Paco tells me that this model is the culmination of decades of experience expressed with loving care and using the finest materials that he has.

The top is of fine European Spruce and the Rosewood back has the signature panel of beautiful dark ebony that signifies this model. As I noted the tone is very evocative of a fine Marin, with a pure Spanish melodic nature, and well balanced clarity, but with more power and presence, combining to create a most beautiful and soul stirring voice. When I play her, even though she is an as yet to be played in Spruce guitar, she already sparkles with life and absolutely lovely tonal colors. If your taste leans towards Spruce, and traditional fan braced Spanish tonal character, but you have always wanted a bit ‘more’ volume, this guitar would be a perfect choice for you to consider.


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